Monday, March 27, 2017

The Controversial Death Penalty

So I was told that death penalty doesn't work. 

But it is my belief that Leviticus 24:17 must still be followed in the modern world. 

17If a mantakes the life of any human being, he shall surely be put to death. 

Why am I pro-death penalty?

Simply because one cannot claim to be pro-life and could not even be bothered by the idea of putting oneself in the shoes of the victim. This specifically applies to murders committed to the innocent children, those that were raped by adults and were violated in every evil way.

To explain my point much explicitly,  you need to imagine what you will do if you are in the victim's shoes. For example, somebody hurt your family that resulted to their deaths... will you be willing to let it go and forget all about the murder? Will you forgive the murderer? Will you just peacefully let it go and forget?

Let's be more descriptive... will you be able to stomach the atrocities committed to your own children, parents, siblings or anyone close to your heart? Will you just close your eyes and disregard the human rights of the victims, especially the children? 

This is just an honest question to anyone who is against the capital punishment. 

Can you imagine your own child or family in a pool of blood, innards and brains scattered around their once breathing human bodies? What you will do? How will you feel? Will you be nonchalant about it?

If you will tell me right now that it's okay...that yes, the culprit must be forgiven and given another chance at life knowing that they violated the victim's human rights, then maybe you can apply for Sainthood.

In the first place, why there is capital punishment in the holy books? Quran and Bible alike. Death penalty is given not because of revenge, but because a person must be punished for doing a criminal offense to the human rights of the victim.

IF a person can come to me and say that yes, I can accept the "sorry" of the murderer and can look at the murdered with love and forgiveness...maybe I might believe that capital punishment is not made for men by God himself.

We need to be honest with ourselves, knowing that if the atrocities happens to our own family, one's initial reaction is to seek justice for those whose lives were silenced abruptly. Those innocent angels who were raped and killed by addicts or by any evil human doings deserves justice. Even if we were unable to save them from the killer's hands, the least we can do is give justice to their deaths. This is why "Thou shall not kill" is in the 10 Commandments because if you did kill, then you must pay with your own life. Theological people are free to debate on that... they might think its very contradicting topics. However, it will always remain that anyone who kills another person with purpose must be put to death.

If death penalty doesn't work, then why do people feel safer in countries where Capital Punishment is practiced. 

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