Monday, March 20, 2017

My Love for the United Filipinos

I am in love.

I recently discovered this new feeling of being in love for the patriotic people of my country (sans the HEPAcrites!). Yes, everyone has different opinions but I found out that my feelings are raging like a rushing waterfall full of love inside my heart for every Filipinos who are adamant in protecting the legacy of good governance of President Duterte. The President does not need protection from us despite the barage of malicious destabilization plots by the LP party (losers who cannot accept that their drug connections are slowly zeroing their kickbacks). In fact, the President clearly said that he doesnt need us to protect and apologize for him. He just wanted us to be law abiding citizens. Yun lang! Despite the tantamount issues thrown at him, he quietly work his way for the progress of the country. 

Everyday, I see Filipinos slowly waking up from the lies fed to us to more than thirty (30) years...imagine? Previously people are so non-partisan, lost hope of having a leader that can be trusted because we can feel that there is no progress happening in the country. If ever there are news like new trains and developments automatically we think that there is a corruption that happened between the deals because we got so used to it. Nobody trust the police and the government. We got used to their bullshits every election that people do not want to exercise their voting rights....because we lament that it will be the same circus all over again. That was the scenario prior to Duterte. People reached the height of anger when SAF44 was fed to the terrorist like sacrificial lambs.

After the betrayal of Leni to the Filipino people, everyone started posting their disgust. I am not the type of person who do fb live but because of what happened, there was this urge to voice out the disgust we felt. I totally went on my "Gabriela Silang" mode on Agnes Callamard's insinuating and unfounded tweets that our President is not following UN protocol. Filipinos abroad are quick to defend the Philippine President even to the point that they went face to face with Agnes!!! Okay that made me giddily happy...super happy.

Filipinos are known for uniting in time of troubles. Apparently this is one of the situation that demands unity, not only in the country but globally and must be very organic and self-initiative. Moreso, Filipinos are more enlightened via social media. Thanks to the patriotism and educational post from Sass, Thinking Pinoy and the other main bloggers such as Drei Toledo, Darwin CaƱete, MJ, Jovy, Trixie, Edwin Jamora, Krizette and Dra. Badoy and many more to mention (o bawal balat sibuyas pag hindi namention...); people are more aware and vigilant. This is the first time in the history that Filipinos engaged in politics and got out of their way to defend a truly beloved President who leaves everything to fate.

So, lets hug and protect each other, patriots!!!!

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