Monday, March 27, 2017

The Controversial Death Penalty

So I was told that death penalty doesn't work. 

But it is my belief that Leviticus 24:17 must still be followed in the modern world. 

17If a mantakes the life of any human being, he shall surely be put to death. 

Why am I pro-death penalty?

Simply because one cannot claim to be pro-life and could not even be bothered by the idea of putting oneself in the shoes of the victim. This specifically applies to murders committed to the innocent children, those that were raped by adults and were violated in every evil way.

To explain my point much explicitly,  you need to imagine what you will do if you are in the victim's shoes. For example, somebody hurt your family that resulted to their deaths... will you be willing to let it go and forget all about the murder? Will you forgive the murderer? Will you just peacefully let it go and forget?

Let's be more descriptive... will you be able to stomach the atrocities committed to your own children, parents, siblings or anyone close to your heart? Will you just close your eyes and disregard the human rights of the victims, especially the children? 

This is just an honest question to anyone who is against the capital punishment. 

Can you imagine your own child or family in a pool of blood, innards and brains scattered around their once breathing human bodies? What you will do? How will you feel? Will you be nonchalant about it?

If you will tell me right now that it's okay...that yes, the culprit must be forgiven and given another chance at life knowing that they violated the victim's human rights, then maybe you can apply for Sainthood.

In the first place, why there is capital punishment in the holy books? Quran and Bible alike. Death penalty is given not because of revenge, but because a person must be punished for doing a criminal offense to the human rights of the victim.

IF a person can come to me and say that yes, I can accept the "sorry" of the murderer and can look at the murdered with love and forgiveness...maybe I might believe that capital punishment is not made for men by God himself.

We need to be honest with ourselves, knowing that if the atrocities happens to our own family, one's initial reaction is to seek justice for those whose lives were silenced abruptly. Those innocent angels who were raped and killed by addicts or by any evil human doings deserves justice. Even if we were unable to save them from the killer's hands, the least we can do is give justice to their deaths. This is why "Thou shall not kill" is in the 10 Commandments because if you did kill, then you must pay with your own life. Theological people are free to debate on that... they might think its very contradicting topics. However, it will always remain that anyone who kills another person with purpose must be put to death.

If death penalty doesn't work, then why do people feel safer in countries where Capital Punishment is practiced. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

My Love for the United Filipinos

I am in love.

I recently discovered this new feeling of being in love for the patriotic people of my country (sans the HEPAcrites!). Yes, everyone has different opinions but I found out that my feelings are raging like a rushing waterfall full of love inside my heart for every Filipinos who are adamant in protecting the legacy of good governance of President Duterte. The President does not need protection from us despite the barage of malicious destabilization plots by the LP party (losers who cannot accept that their drug connections are slowly zeroing their kickbacks). In fact, the President clearly said that he doesnt need us to protect and apologize for him. He just wanted us to be law abiding citizens. Yun lang! Despite the tantamount issues thrown at him, he quietly work his way for the progress of the country. 

Everyday, I see Filipinos slowly waking up from the lies fed to us to more than thirty (30) years...imagine? Previously people are so non-partisan, lost hope of having a leader that can be trusted because we can feel that there is no progress happening in the country. If ever there are news like new trains and developments automatically we think that there is a corruption that happened between the deals because we got so used to it. Nobody trust the police and the government. We got used to their bullshits every election that people do not want to exercise their voting rights....because we lament that it will be the same circus all over again. That was the scenario prior to Duterte. People reached the height of anger when SAF44 was fed to the terrorist like sacrificial lambs.

After the betrayal of Leni to the Filipino people, everyone started posting their disgust. I am not the type of person who do fb live but because of what happened, there was this urge to voice out the disgust we felt. I totally went on my "Gabriela Silang" mode on Agnes Callamard's insinuating and unfounded tweets that our President is not following UN protocol. Filipinos abroad are quick to defend the Philippine President even to the point that they went face to face with Agnes!!! Okay that made me giddily happy...super happy.

Filipinos are known for uniting in time of troubles. Apparently this is one of the situation that demands unity, not only in the country but globally and must be very organic and self-initiative. Moreso, Filipinos are more enlightened via social media. Thanks to the patriotism and educational post from Sass, Thinking Pinoy and the other main bloggers such as Drei Toledo, Darwin Cañete, MJ, Jovy, Trixie, Edwin Jamora, Krizette and Dra. Badoy and many more to mention (o bawal balat sibuyas pag hindi namention...); people are more aware and vigilant. This is the first time in the history that Filipinos engaged in politics and got out of their way to defend a truly beloved President who leaves everything to fate.

So, lets hug and protect each other, patriots!!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Traitor Named Leni

The most treacherous Vice President of the Philippines gladly broadcast to the entire international community series of unreliable figures in order to make noise and ensure that President Duterte will be ousted immediately by international powers. Since De Lima (a drug lord protector whose candidacy was paid by the druglords she protects) was inside the jail pretending to be a JP Rizal with her daily love letters from the prison, it is up to Leni and Hontiveros to be the mouthpiece of their LP party whose members are corrupt politicians. 

Just a few days ago, during the PMA graduation in Baguio City she was cleared of the President that "this beautiful woman has no part in the destabilization plot against me".  Then the day after the said event, Robredo went back to the PMA for breakfast acting like the President himself in every photo I know the reason. Maybe she is starting to internalize and was practicing her march when she declares herself the President.

Published on Mar 13, 2017
Feeding lies to the EU and UN for her selfish ambitions
Leni Robredo, Vice President of the Philippines, delivered this video address opposing the extrajudicial killings taking place under the Duterte administration. The video is to be played at "Human Rights Challenge: Responding to Extrajudicial Killings in the Drug War," a side session organized by the UN-accredited NGO DRCNet Foundation (popularly known as "") for the 60th UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual meeting. The session will take Thursday, March 16, 2017, from1:10-2:00pm CET, at the Vienna International Centre.
We published the video a few days early, and on Monday March 13 it was featured in a TIME article (
Other speakers will include former Abhisit Vejjajiva, Prime Minister of Thailand and Chairman of cosponsor group the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD), also presenting by contributed video; Chito Gascon, Chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of the Philippines; Alison Smith of the Brussels-based NGO and event cosponsor No Peace Without Justice; and Lousewies van der Laan, former leader of the Dutch "D66" liberal parliamentary group. It will be moderated by David Borden, Executive Director of; and Marco Perduca, former member of the Italian Senate.
Other cosponsoring organizations include Liberal International, Drug Policy Alliance, Associazione Luca Coscioni, AFEW International, India HIV/AIDS Alliance, Persaudaraan Korban Napza Indonesia, and Union C (Nepal).
Targeting international audience, VP bypassed the PNP protocols and disrespected them by urging the international community to "help" the Filipino people who was suffering under the Duterte administration. Apparently the people whom she was using for her speech were drug addicts and criminals and had the gall to call themselves "victims". PNP was very transparent in their "Oplan Tokhang" and yet the VP was really slow in comprehending the real meaning of "Palit Ulo" that she was feeding to the UN bodies.

I used to give her benefit of the doubt given the fact she failed her bar exams more than once but watching her joyous expression while reading the statement fed to her was beyond my comprehension. It is like watching a high schooler read out her report in the classroom. She let herself be an accomplice in their goal of power grab from a duly elected President by 21 million Filipinos whom she refers to as "trolls".

Normal citizens who used to be live a quiet life started to react violently...those who are used to let her gaffes and stupid antagonistic approach to the President's goodwill to the Filipinos are now busy being keyboard warriors. Why? Because for a VP like her who always put her foot inside her mouth everytime she speaks, she just committed the most grievous mistake in her life. Her video just show how active her participation in the destabilization plot against President Duterte and how she seriously backstab the entire country with her "facts and figures" that has no proper support. She sold her own country to the wolves and would like the Philippines to be destroyed big time like Syria. By telling the international community a series of lies, she also wanted to trigger and economic meltdown for all Filipinos. 

A lot of Filipinos who used to believe in her are now expressing "buyer's remorse" because she betrayed the trust of the Nation without considering the after-effects. More so as of today, her cohorts Trillanes (leader of the failed coup in President GMA time) are now filing for Impeachment against the President aiming to help destabilizing the country. Its like inviting everyone to bomb out the country because she herself does not have the capability of running it. A Cory 2.0 moves is what Leni trying to do. She said innocent victims (drug addicts), while she doesn't mention the number of victims killed by these drug addicts she's championing, not even the 9-month old baby raped by her own father. She herself who declared all the 21 million supporter of President are trolls and unwanted entities; while she hires "Army of Truths" also known as anonymous, faceless defenders who copy paste status in defense of Leni. With Gascon as a CHR Chair they did backdoor meetings with the international communities to oust the President using "EJK" issues. 

I could go on and on but in the end, one thing Leni did was to put the whole Philippine archipelago and all its Filipinos into a spotlight for the whole world to degrade us. A VP who cannot work for the progress of her country but for destabilize it, ensure that her legacy will be a narco state for the future Filipino generation.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Woman Called Gina

As of this moment, the Commission of Appointments are still mulling over Gina Lopez' approval to be DENR Secretary. While they are on it, social media people are holding its breath because we need a Gina to save our natural resources that is being raped by greedy miners. Her tenacity in auditing mining firms without fear is not something that you can see everyday. Because of this, she might be eating death threats for breakfast ala Senator Miriam Santiago (+).

So, who is Gina Lopez and what is her importance to the environment of our country? 

How did she came to my attention? 

Well here is a short story. I studied in Manila in the late 90's and everyday my jeepney ride to school will pass by the Quiapo Bridge going to Lawton. The stench smell from the Ilog Pasig was enough to make me puke and the aroma clutching in my uniform was intolerable that I always bring extra uniform with me from time to time. Come rainy days, the polluted waters of Pasig will flood the streets of Manila straight to Lagusnilad Underpass which will always become inaccesible... an instant lake just in front of Manila City Hall. Ilog Pasig was declared biological dead during the late 90's and the memories of a river in the heart of Manila (which happened to be alligator infested too in the 1800's) can only be reminisced in Jose Rizal's Chapter 61 of Noli Me Tangere.

Gina Lopez backed by Executive Order No. 54 (later on amended by EO No.65) exerted all her efforts in rehabilitating Ilog Pasig via Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission. To make the story short, we Manileños owe Gina Lopez for dedicating her life advocating for the environment. Without her super efforts for Ilog Pasig, you will never experience the joy of taking a ferry from Manila to Cavite and avoiding the Manila traffic. Because of Gina, you can now commute from your house to work via Ilog Pasig just like in the 1800's. Thus it is only rightful that she, Gina Lopez be given the position in DENR in order to save the whole Philippines from ruthless miners. In my 37 years in this world, only Gina has the heart connected to the whole Philippine Archipelago. 

Not even a year in Duterte administration but her strong stance and brave personality is proving to be a plus points in auditing the mining industry. It was blessing in disguise that her humble heart cannot be bought by all the gold in the world. 

Thus, I hope everyone who cares for the Philippine ecological and environment will totally agree with me that...Gina Lopez is the Mother Earth in human form. 

Photo Credits: Borrowed from Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog Pasig

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

VP's War on Filipinos

Let's pretend I havent read the nagaleaks or lenileaks and any scandals linking to the Vice President Leni Robredo. Let's say, we are cleaning up our slate of knowledge about her. Our scenario will be at present going all the way back to the election time.

I will pretend that I am ignorant of all the scandals of the VP and just a normal Filipino citizen who reads the current papers like Inquirer. I will pretend that I don't support any political figures like President Duterte. As a normal passive citizen, I will still have questions in my mind once the second highest official of the land kept voicing her disagreement on every decision of the President, right? Let's start on the latest news first:

4th of March 2017...A month after declaring that her detractors and supporters of the President are trolls and she has no time for them because they are a lost cause... now VP Leni just declared a full-scale war with them (that's 21 million Filipinos who has bitter taste in their mouth at eh mention of her name).

First question in my mind will be like... Why? Of all things that are more important in the world, why does she have to declare war on trolls (all supporters of the current administration are considered trolls by our VP). With one German beheaded by ASG terrorists, she can easily declare war on them right? Apparently, while the President is declaring war on drugs and corruption, the VP is more interested in her PR image of "it doesn't have to be true, just have to look like that!". Being on the public service, it means you are opening your life to the public and harsh criticism. How come LP senators are freely besmirching and doing a lot of black propaganda against the incumbent President and you cannot hear the President say that he will declare war on opposition; rather he always encourage them to file a case against him if they can prove he is corrupt and even offered to resign. Whilst the Honorable VP Leni gives more importance in declaring war on her detractors nowadays, instead of challenging anyone to file a case against her if they can prove she's dishonest, right? 

The awakened Filipinos who were mostly pissed off after finding out that waiting for the bus going to Bicol along expressway will never stop at all for anyone to alight was contrary to what  VP Leni had shown in her "humility and poor" PR stunt. The people felt foolish and once the PR stunt was exposed, the majority started to doubt that the VP was really an honest person. Her detractors grew in numbers and commented harshly on her public official page. The people grew more angrier when her staff deletes majority (yes, you got it is majority...) of the negative comments. When people called out for this, she simply declared...that she has no time for trolls....on 4th of February 2017.

The LP party led by the VP Leni demands their own version of democracy. They wanted to control the social media. Why? Simply because the people are angry with the knowledge that they were fraud. That the party used the Yolanda funds perhaps for their electoral campaigns. VP Leni's cohorts such as De Lima and Trillanes are their official barking dogs. Anything to pin to President without evidences and producing false witnesses such as Matobato and Lascañas in order to deviate the issues from Leni's drug scandal in Naga. It was sort of unbelievable statement from the VP to band around that her LP party "puts national interest over politics"... now I wonder what is her national interest really is...Trolls perhaps???

We have seen the video of Loida asking an incumbent and elect President to give way for VP Leni whose work were mostly credit grabbing.  So I got a lot of questions as to why Loida is being rude to the choice of the Filipinos? We were not rude when Pnoy was fucking up the SAF44 lives, right? We are also quiet when drug proliferates in De Lima's SOJ stint. Now that we are experiencing positive changes, LP are stopping it... Trillanes, De Lima, VP Leni, Mar Roxas and Korina are jetting on and off New York City like travelling back and forth to Caloocan and Balintawak...Baketttt? What's in NYC ba? If Loida lives in NYC...and these people are suspiciously going there back and forth...oh well... let your imagination play...

The handful of attendees in VP Leni's recent Cebu book signing totally made me wonder where are the 14 million voters whom she claims adamantly supports her? In relation with these millions of supporters, why the heck is she stopping PET from recounting the votes from BBM's electoral protest against her? 

Kase its like this, if VP Leni is confident that 14 million voted for her...then she can be arrogant to recount over and over again. Why stop the protest and even join the oust Duterte rallies aka Hukayin si Apo in retaliation to BBM? Is she hiding something? If she knows that she won fair and square, then she herself must lead the recount in order to show the Filipinos that she was the rightful VP. (I'm not Pro-Marcos okay? But I will respect anyone who was duly elected by the people.)

There are still so much more issues the VP Leni delved into...mostly voicing disagreements to all the platforms the President made that will benefit the country. She was very vocal on the war on drugs....which is quite unbelievable coming from her. Why? If one has to criticize the platforms of the President that will save the nation...then the VP must have an alternative plan. However due to nagaleaks, people started to understand that their drug ties was the number one reason why she suddenly declared war and start to silence the people who supports President Duterte and was exposing all their dealings in Naga. She used to be very vicious on Duterte during the campaign, and suddenly went "pa-tweetums" afterwards perhaps to get a cabinet post. All her wishes was granted, but unfortunately her puppeteer show was not enough to hide the fact that she's not in touch with the "laylayan ng lipunan" and could not even work hard like the other cabinet secretaries. She'd rather do yoga in front of her respective office seal than resolve all issues of the poor. She and her party were always propagating that Duterte will declare Martial Law whilst they themselves wanted to control the social media....which is an online martial law itself. It seems that the VP is not a believer of free speech. She only wanted herself to be heard and followed. Do you think that's fair?

Now, if we sum it all up... VP Leni graced all the magazine covers in the entire nation as of this date, her Angat Buhay Program is a flop because it does not have long term goals. If so, then she should have started that program since the start of her political career if this is really her advocacy. Apparently, that's another lie just like her SALN.

I have nothing against VP Leni but her self-destruction seems to be a contagious disease within her party. I call her Lady of Nega nowadays because all she say is purely negative criticism (not even constructive...but that kind of green envious type of criticism) to every effort the Duterte administration is tirelessly working on. Let the truth be told, without the social media enlightening us with the LP's deceits, rampant corruption and lies; we have probably made Leni another Saint Cory.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Spirit of Volunteerism #UnitedDDS

Despite my previous apprehensions about the February 25 #UnitedDDS show of support (I thought it was better to let the Hepacrites do their own thing in EDSA people power which is very irrelevant now in our current time and administration and I feel that we don't need to have a showdown with them anyway...after all we are nonsense trolls for them, a lost cause according to the VP) I have to heed the call. Things happened in super fast. Like 3-days planning fast!

February 22nd, the Trolleratis started to call for worldwide event using #UnitedDDS after vouching for the people who organized the Luneta rally. Nobody was organizing in Abu Dhabi at that time. Sass posted this so I finally decided as a self-initiative that I will do something for the people in Abu Dhabi who support Duterte; I commented on Sass page "Are You ready Abu Dhabi?" (testing if anyone is actually interested) and the first to respond was Allan Madrigal pledging that he will give me his three days to help out on organizing the event. 

The ball went rolling from that fateful February 22nd. We called for initial meeting for other volunteers (but only Allan and I showed up at WTC Costa Mall accompanied by a threatening message from a person I'd rather not mention... just go to Sass page if you're that chismosa to know who was that. :P) I was thinking of cancelling the event since there's only two of us and my office mates are not that keen to support me on this. (no hard feeling there...busy sila sa personal lives kaya okay lang yun, no need to force anyone, request request lang) but Allan's enthusiasm and willingness to listen to me yak for almost 2-hours while biting hungrily over a Nando's chicken legs won me over. Yes, kelangan ko ng pagkain for my mind to work overtime.

We made a public invite after I settle the venue with Mam Medrin Vhas of Max's Abu Dhabi Corniche (sana next time wala na DP...kase it hurts a bit...saka ayaw ako bigyan ni Loida, Kenzo no Maane ng budget bwahahaha!) and I asked the Trollerati if they can endorse our event. Of course, I have to pay attention to the laws of land so I have so inform the necessary government bodies of my plans as a safeguard to anyone who will attend the event. By February 24th, everything was ready, 48 people confirmed to come. I have basically an idea of how I want the merienda party to be. I want it to be informative, fun and spontaneous. Yung tipong people will enjoy making chika and meeting new faces. I was lucky enough that my husband was very supportive given that he knows the tasks I was also requested for the Luneta rally (thank you habibi for taking good care of our princess and keeping her from wrecking my laptop...yes po, I partially ignored my daughter for this weekend, babawi na lang si mommy!)

I was burning the midnight oil from Thursday night to Friday prepping for the event (don't forget na pinuyat pa halos lahat ng ofw ni Madam Saba after refusing to be arrested...punyeta critic daw sya kaya nakulong yan pa chismis nya sa international lets ensure we have to call these paid media na nakulong ang gaga dahil sa illegal drug trades na involve ang lover niya na umaming bagman pa nya....nyeta talaga...thats another article later)! I was looking for issues related to the OFW concerns kase para di maburyong mga tao since walang nag-volunteer kumanta, sumayaw of mag-stand up comedy. 

February 25th, 2017: Allan Madrigal and Ryan Vidal Guibao (an HS classmate in BAA that I havent seen since highschool graduation pa ha!) were there firsthand to help me decorate the area. (Given the kaartehan and the designer in me...I want the place to be decorated in white and blue...impromptu printing pa from Ryan ang thankful talaga ako). Mam Malou and her kids were the first DDS coming around 12nn ahead of the volunteer team...then people started to come by groups totalling to 67 people not including the children. It was Allan's bright idea to do a registration (also for security reasons...wink* wink* para pag may guapo alam na ang number to call, ituro lang kung sino sa picture and we will find him or her). 

Eto yung moment na you can feel the spirit of volunteerism coursing through our veins... people like Carla and her friends (youths from Davao) took over the registration desk, then people who arrived started to ask what they can do, some went over finishing the balloon works and arranging it to the ceiling, may nagkabit ng a4 banners #UnitedDDS Abu Dhabi; there is also Ace and his group who went down the lobby as a welcoming committee. Everyone did their own part. I was running a flu all through the event (pasensya na sa mga nahawa ng virus ko if ever me sipon na kayo ngayon) so I asked if they can be emcees. I asked Chai and France to do it and they were like "amazing twins" in hosting the event. As in no idle moments with these two amazing people. It was indescribable watching all of us in a room, pledging our love and support to Tatay. I think God can hear our wishes to protect him from the evil and greedy hands who wanted to take back the power that wasn't theirs in the first place. (ehem...paging Jim Paredes...wag kase kayong anu...kanya nga daw ang wag na kayo daraan daw dun if you support Duterte...pang hepacrites lang daw un EDSA!)

So since marami pala yung video materials we only get to show the 100 days of the President and the things he did for the OFW. Then we did a skype video call with the Qatar peeps holding the same event...unfortunately the wifi sucks so malabo sya and we didn't got any pics with them...huhuhu. Since photo addicts kami...we had our photo session. It's exactly the way I perceive the event...happy lahat ng tao. I also asked the participants to make a letter for the President wherein I put it as "Pulso ng OFW" in the program. Today I emailed it to the gateway and hoping that it will be read to the President himself. No harm in trying naman di ba? 

But the best proud moment was when we all sang "Ako ay Filipino" at the end, it was tear jerking moment because it was some 18 years ago when I last sung it. Tagal na 'no? Singing it was like a pledge, reminding me of my race, where I came from and what I am here for. I'm sure everybody felt wistful as me and reminding us that we still have another 5 1/2 years to fight the power grabbers from destroying our beloved country. I'm really hoping against hope that when the time comes, bukas na ang kamalayan ng bawat Filipino to choose the best leader na mahal talaga tayo.

As I left my house for work this morning, I watched my husband and daughter (her foot on her fathers face as usual) sleeping on the bed and told myself "eto yun e...eto yung rason why I am fighting for real democracy and standing behind Tatay Digong, its for their future...our future."

PS: I forgot to mention, the participants who volunteered has no affiliation to any groups. Purely self-initiatives from all attendees. So everyone was technically the organizers. No money involved. Those who came ate to their hearts content and sila ang nagbayad. Just pure volunteerism at work.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Trolleratis Inc.

"The Mema Position Application"
credit to Krizette Chu
"Note: All photos credited to my Supreme Reyna ng mga Waray Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu's fb account"

So, the amazing "trolls" had a lovely meet up party called The Trollerati Party (staunch supporters of the President Duterte) after "Motherland" arrived in Manila. They were live on fb everywhere they go and you can see how fun it was. Of course, the Hepacrites riding high on their snorty horses are scrambling to imply immediately that the "ordinary bloggers" has no claim to even eat in a 5-star hotels. Yes, my dear fellow kababayans, the supporters of the LP party are really that "matapobre". Apparently to them, anyone who supports the good governance of PRRD are not supposed to dine in 5-star hotels, cover events for their personal blogs, or even step inside the Malacañang Palace.

But lo and behold...I was already expecting this to happen because PRRD's heart is open to every Filipinos. So beloved fellow "trolls" went on a field trip to Malacañang and they were in for a big surprise. Our beloved President spent nearly 6 hours with these amazing set of people; probably because he can feel their realness and the pure love and passion for La Isla Filpinas oozing out from every pores of their body. Well, all credit goes to PRRD; because of his passionate leadership, we became better patriotic Filipinos; only him has the power to inspire us to fight the opposition who are mostly composed of narco politicians (who loves to hark about the criminals human rights than the victims of these evil doers) from degrading and turning us into a narco country.

Despite not being there with the "Trolleratis"; the rest of us "hampaslupa trolls" (as the Hepacrites are fondly referring to anyone who support the President) were waiting patiently popcorn in hand for the "Trolleratis" fb stats on how the supposedly meet-and-greet with PRRD went by. Once the pictures and stories started to upload, everyone were in tears (as if we were there in the meeting too). Once again, our beloved "Trolleratis" touched our cores with their honest words for PRRD. Yes, we did put a great man in the Malacañang Palace...

This is how cool our President is!!!!
Tatay touring the "Trolleratis" in his simple abode
Never Piss off a Waray... ever!
Afterwards, out of pure envy. the Hepacrites' official "decent" lawyer stole a photo and lambasted, degraded the photo as if he was the highest supreme being in the world on his fb page (yes folks, this is a typical LP supporter attitude, magnakaw ng mga litrato, gawan ng kwento as per: #lenileaks101: it doesnt have to be true, just LOOK like that!"; magmura at tawaging siraulo kugn magkaiba ang opinyon ninyo.) What he didn't expect was pandemonium. He with a 7k+ followers was left crying in a ditch and end up using LGBT bullshits to keep himself afloat from the burn he got. E kase naman manlalait ka akala mo naman kung sino ka. So pangit na nga mukha mo, pangit pa ugali mo...what can you expect? Still the guy was apparently a total famewhore...nung hinamon ni Mark Lopez ng debate nagtago na ata sa ilalim ng kama ang palsipikadong gunggong.

I find it funny that the opposition are trying to discredit the supporters of President Duterte by attacking the supporters personally. Unfortunately for them, the Trolleratis are a mixture of sassy, smart, eloquent and right-on-target no-bullshit type of people. Bring all their minds together, you know what can happen. And yes my dear kababayans, IT IS HAPPENING NOW!!! These "ordinary bloggers" are the game changers of politics. No more media bullshits, people like me are following their blogs or whatever stuff they have write because they are more credible than the so-called journalists who works for a property listed company. Take note when this was pointed out...sinisi pa ang SEC for years of "human error" I wonder kung para saan pa at me auditor sila... parang yugn Lady of Nega lang...sisihin ang bagyo na hindi nagpa-schedule sa paglalamyerda nya.

Anyhow, this is supposed to be a happily written blog, na-sidetrack na naman ako ng bagong presscon ng Lady of Nega kase! We, the "trolls" you were referring to as lost cause just because you hate a good governance of PRRD will be here fighting for the truth that your soup-minded brains could not fathom. The Filipinos are now awaken by the passionate leadership of our President. I wish that the whole nation will now unite and keep the wheels of change rolling which was started in this Duterte administration. We really did put a good man to lead us!